Manage input data

This is where you set up what data can be collected on your site

These fields are also called special fields

You can collect data with 3 different input types, which are:

  • Fix, where the data is known ahead, like the 30 year average radiation or it is a fix data for the nursery, like the outside temperature
  • Rarely, these are details, which you have to provide, when you enter planting information, but you can change later e.g. plant density, dripper/m2
  • Dynamic, most of the data will be like this, where you will use forms to input the data

You can collect 4 data in 4 different formats, which are:

  • Number, numeric, measured data
  • Text
  • Date
  • List, where you can define a list of options, and people can chose from these later e.g. growing method: conventional/organic