When you have already collected some data, you might want to create a report, which displays, measured, manually entered and calculated values

The difference between a data input form and a report is that on a report you cannot edit the data.

The same way as by the Input data there are two options to insert a report into page or post.

Either choose your desired report by clicking on the “green sheet” icon or using the shortcodes. The shortcode for the report is called show_plant_variety it has a few optional parameters, we suggest you only share post with a partner, where you have a fixed display, to avoid them having access to all your data.

The parameters are:

  • group, this is the ID of the report from the Admin > Report settings > Manage reports screen
  • plant, this is the ID of the planted plant from the Admin > Company admin > Planting information
  • date, this is the middle date for the report which displays data for 5 weeks at once
  • archive, this can be 1 or 0, it’s only useful if you did not set the plant, and you want to display archived plants in the plant selector, you need to set it to 1, in default it’s 0
  • attrib_x, where x is the ID of the special field from Admin > Report settings > Manage input data

In order for the form to display, it requires group, plant and date if you did not set any of these fields, it will allow the users to select from the list

[show_plant_variety group="1"]