Partner sites

If you know other people using our system, you can add them as your partner, this will allow you and your staff to share posts / reports with them. We’re highly recommend to share only fix data reports, so your partners won’t be able to browse all your data…

Planting information

This is where you enter what are you growing and where You have to pick a nursery a greenhouse and a compartment first After that you have to pick a plant variety from your catalog and at the end of the form you have to enter the start date, and most of the time you… Continue reading Planting information

Plant catalogue

This is plant variaties, a catalog from which you can pick one when entering the planting information. You have the option to add any number of attributes to it with the “choose a field…” option, where you can manually enter both the key and value. e.g.: Resistances HR: ToMV:0-2/TSWV/TYLCV/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/Va:0/Vd:0/Si  


This is where you can add a new greenhouse or edit/delete your existing ones When adding a new greenhouse first you need to select the Nursery where that greenhouse is located After this you have to add a name and as the final step enter the size of the building (m2).


Here you can add compartments, which are sections of your greenhouses First you have to select the Nursery and the greenhouse After this you have to enter a name, please make sure that this name matches what you have in the Priva software, otherwise it will not find the measured data. The No. is a… Continue reading Compartments


This is where you can manage the various locations where you have greenhouses When registering a new address you have to fill in all the fields Name ZIP code City Address Phone number Email Contact person After you added a location, you can edit each field by clicking on it in the list.