Priva data linking

After you have uploaded some priva files, this will allow you to link a priva field to a input field name You will be able to use priva data in charts or calculations only if you have linked them to special fields

Manage reports

This is where you can create a form, a report. or a chart, which displays the selected input data fields and later you can insert this into a page, and you can use it to enter data manually, or to see a report form your selected plant. The little red box, next to the special… Continue reading Manage reports

Manage input data

This is where you set up what data can be collected on your site These fields are also called special fields You can collect data with 3 different input types, which are: Fix, where the data is known ahead, like the 30 year average radiation or it is a fix data for the nursery, like… Continue reading Manage input data


Here you can create formulas, which are calculations based on your input fields. Simple just select the add new option, and on the upcoming form, you can create your formula.   To do so, select with which field you would like to make a calculation, then select the desired operand, and if you are satisfied… Continue reading Calculations