Shortcode: show_plant_chart Required parameters: group (report ID) plant (plant variant ID) Optional parameters: start (Date format: yyyy-mm-dd) end (Date format: yyyy-mm-dd) charttype (Graph type options: dbar, mbar, fline, line) Example: Select chart type: Select chart type Discrete Bar Line Chart with View Finder Line Plus Bar Chart Scatter / Bubble Chart Simple Line Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar Next

Input data

To insert a form into a page or a post you have to options 1. The easiest way using our icon to insert forms into the post, as you can see the picture above:     2. or you can type in manually the shortcode with the wanted report group ID. e.g.: Select plant: Select group… Continue reading Input data


When you have already collected some data, you might want to create a report, which displays, measured, manually entered and calculated values The difference between a data input form and a report is that on a report you cannot edit the data. The same way as by the Input data there are two options to insert… Continue reading Reports