Creating a Note, post

Learn How to Create New Post After you read through this short tutorial, you’ll be able to note up any changes in your crop in no time. To begin, login to your site admin panel and go to Posts -> Add New. On this page you will see the posts editor. The most important parts… Continue reading Creating a Note, post

Adding your site content

You can add content to your site, by creating page or post. The procedure for both is almost identical. The difference is only the display on the site. The posts will be displayed under the notes, following the chronology. You can associate them with Categories and Tags whereas Pages don’t. The Pages will contain information… Continue reading Adding your site content

About wordpress

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time… … over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home” – we’d love you to join the family…… Continue reading About wordpress

Enter to the dashboard

After the login you are directed to the home site, to enter the dashboard, just simple click on your company name on the left top corner.


Shortcode: show_plant_chart Required parameters: group (report ID) plant (plant variant ID) Optional parameters: start (Date format: yyyy-mm-dd) end (Date format: yyyy-mm-dd) charttype (Graph type options: dbar, mbar, fline, line) Example: Select chart type: Select chart type Discrete Bar Line Chart with View Finder Line Plus Bar Chart Scatter / Bubble Chart Simple Line Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar Next

Input data

To insert a form into a page or a post you have to options 1. The easiest way using our icon to insert forms into the post, as you can see the picture above:     2. or you can type in manually the shortcode with the wanted report group ID. e.g.: Select plant: Select group… Continue reading Input data


When you have already collected some data, you might want to create a report, which displays, measured, manually entered and calculated values The difference between a data input form and a report is that on a report you cannot edit the data. The same way as by the Input data there are two options to insert… Continue reading Reports

Priva data linking

After you have uploaded some priva files, this will allow you to link a priva field to a input field name You will be able to use priva data in charts or calculations only if you have linked them to special fields

Manage reports

This is where you can create a form, a report. or a chart, which displays the selected input data fields and later you can insert this into a page, and you can use it to enter data manually, or to see a report form your selected plant. The little red box, next to the special… Continue reading Manage reports

Manage input data

This is where you set up what data can be collected on your site These fields are also called special fields You can collect data with 3 different input types, which are: Fix, where the data is known ahead, like the 30 year average radiation or it is a fix data for the nursery, like… Continue reading Manage input data